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Six major tea series in China

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-24 17:42:31
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Green tea:

non-fermented tea (zero fermentation). Representative teas are: HuangShan MaoFeng, PuLong Tea, MengDing GanLu, RiZhao Green Tea, LaoShan Green Tea, Liu An Gua Pian, LongJing DragonWell, MeiTan Green Tea, BiLuoChun, Meng'Er Tea, XinYang MaoJian, DuYun MaoJian, LiPing QueShe , GuanZhuang GanFa Tea, ZiYang MaoJian Tea.


Yellow tea:

slightly fermented tea (fermentation degree is 10-20m) HuoShan Yellow Bud, Meng'Er Silver Needle, MengDing Yellow Bud


In the process of making tea, tea leaves and infusion are formed after being piled up. It is divided into "Yellow Bud Tea" (including JunShan YinYa in Dongting Lake, Hunan, Ya'an, Sichuan, Mengding Huangya in Mingshan County, Huoshan Huangya in Huoshan, Anhui), "Yellow Tea" (including Beigang in Yueyang, Hunan, and Weishan in Ningxiang, Hunan Maojian, Pingyang Huangtang in Pingyang, Zhejiang, Luyuan in Yuan'an, Hubei), "Huangdacha" (including Dayeqing in Anhui, Huoshan Huangdacha in Anhui).


Oolong tea:

also known as green tea, is a semi-fermented tea, which is properly fermented during production to make the leaves slightly reddish. It is a kind of tea between green tea and black tea. It has the freshness of green tea and the sweetness of black tea. Because the middle of the leaves are green and the edge of the leaves are red, it is called "green leaves with red borders". Representative teas are: Tieguanyin, Dahongpao, Dongding Oolong tea.


Black tea:

fully fermented tea (with a degree of fermentation of 80-90m) Qimen black tea, lychee black tea, Hanshan black tea, etc. There are three main types of black tea: Souchong black tea, Gongfu black tea and broken black tea. Gongfu black tea is mainly distributed in Guangdong, Fujian, and Jiangxi, mainly from Chaoshan.


Dark tea:

post-fermented tea (with a degree of fermentation of 100m) Pu'er tea Liubao tea Hunan dark tea (Qujiang flake golden tea) Jingwei Fu tea (originating in Xianyang, Shaanxi)


The raw materials are rough and old, and the accumulation and fermentation time is longer during processing, so that the leaves are dark brown and pressed into bricks. The main varieties of dark tea include "Shanxi Xianyang Fuzhuan Tea", Yunnan "Pu'er Tea", "Hunan Dark Tea", "Hubei Old Green Tea", "Guangxi Liubao Tea", Sichuan "Bian Tea" and so on.


White tea:

lightly fermented tea (with a degree of fermentation of 20-30m) Baihao Yinzhen and white peony. It is processed without stir-frying or rubbing, and only the delicate and fluffy tea leaves are dried or dried on a slow fire, the white fluff remains intact. White tea is mainly produced in Fuding, Zhenghe, Songxi and Jianyang counties in Fujian. It is also grown in Liping County, Guizhou Province. There are several types of "Silver Needle", "White Peony", "Gong Mei" and "Shou Mei". The white tea Pekoe reveals itself. The more famous Baihao silver needles from northern Fujian and Ningbo, as well as the white peony.

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