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Spring tea refers to the tea that was harvested from late March to mid-May of that year. In spring, the temperature is moderate, the rainfall is sufficient, and the tea trees have been recuperating in winter for half a year, making spring tea buds plump, green in color, soft in leaf texture, and rich in vitamins, especially amino acids. It not only makes the spring tea taste fresh , but also has a pleasant aroma and is full of health care effects. Tieguanyin of Anxi County Yinxiang Tea Cooperative is a representative of Oolong tea spring tea. Its appearance and soup color can be described as "a must." (Another example is Liu an gua pian and Shanlong black tea).


Summer tea refers to the tea that is harvested from early May to early July. The summer weather is hot. The new shoots and leaves of the tea tree grow rapidly, which makes the water extract content that can dissolve the tea soup relatively reduced. Especially the reduction of amino acids makes tea soup taste and aroma less intense than spring tea . Because the content of bitter and astringent anthocyanins, caffeine, and tea polyphenols are more than that of spring tea, it not only increases the color of purple buds and leaves, but also has a bitter taste. (Such as Pu'er tea, maple tea).


Autumn tea harvested after mid-August. The climatic conditions in autumn are between spring and summer. Tea trees grow through the second season of spring and summer, and the contents of new shoots are relatively reduced. The leaf size is different, the leaf base is brittle, the leaf color is yellow, and the taste and aroma appear relatively peaceful. (Such as Tieguanyin, Yuemeixiang).


Winter tea began to be harvested approximately in late October. Winter tea is grown after the autumn tea is picked and the climate gradually turns cold. Because the new shoot buds of winter tea grow slowly and the content gradually increases, it has a mellow taste and strong aroma (such as Dongding oolong).

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