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Six basic tea technological processes and quality characteristics:

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Tea processing technology


Tea processing, also known as "tea making", is a process in which fresh leaves of tea trees are processed into various semi-finished or finished teas. According to different processes, it can be divided into primary processing (primary processing), refined (finishing processing), reprocessing and deep processing. Different processing techniques result in different types of tea. The quality of each tea type depends on the coordination of the processing procedures; high-quality fresh leaf raw materials can only produce high-quality various teas under excellent processing conditions.




Tea Series


Process flow


Main quality characteristics


Green Tea


Fixation → Rolling → Drying


Clearly infusion green leaves


Black Tea


Withering → Rolling → Fermentation → Drying


Red infusion red leaves


Oolong Tea


Withering → Rolling → Stir fixation→ Tossing → Drying


Green leaves with red edge


Yellow Tea


Fixation → Rolling → Yellowing → Drying


Yellow infusion yellow leaves


Dark Tea


Fixation → Rolling → Piling → Drying


Orange-yellow infusion, mellow taste


White Tea


Withering → Dry


The soup is bright in color, fresh and sweet in taste

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