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Chinese tea etiquette

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China is the hometown of tea, with a long history of growing tea, strict tea-respecting etiquette, and peculiar tea-drinking customs. Chinese tea drinking has a history of more than 4,700 years since the Shennong era. Tea ceremony has a predestined relationship since ancient times.


Guests come to offer tea, which is the earliest traditional virtue and etiquette of Chinese Han people who value hospitality. Until the 21st century, when guests arrive home, the host always have to make a cup of fragrant tea. Festive activities, but also like to entertain with refreshments. Having a tea party is simple, economical, elegant and solemn. The so-called friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, which also refers to tea with a pleasant fragrance.


There are also various customs of Chinese Han people using tea in lieu of rituals. In Hangzhou, the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, every family makes a new tea at the first day of summer, and mixes them with fine fruits of various colors, which is called seven families tea, which is given to relatives and friends next to each other. This custom is to put two green fruits, namely olives or kumquats, in the tea cup, which means that the New Year is auspicious.


There was also a grand tea etiquette in ancient Chinese weddings. The ancients used tea as their knowledge when they got married. They thought that tea trees could only germinate from seeds and could not be transplanted, otherwise they would die. Therefore, they regarded tea as a symbol of invariability. Therefore, the men and women get engaged with tea as a gift, and the woman accepts the man’s betrothal gift, called order tea or tea settle, some are called accepting tea, and there is a proverb that one family does not have tea from two families. At the same time, the etiquette of the entire marriage is collectively referred to as the three teas and six rituals. Three teas are tea for engagement, tea for marriage, and tea for the bridal chamber. When tea is served, it is also known as male tea and female wine, that is, at the time of engagement, the male family will send back a few cylinders of Shaoxing wine in addition to the wishful press. At the wedding, there are three tea ceremonies. For those with three courses of tea, the first cup of Baiguo, the second cup of lotus seeds and dates, the third cup is tea. The way of having tea, after receiving the cup, hold it in both hands, make a deep stroke, and then touch the lips to the family to take it away, the same is true for the second one. The third way, you can drink only after you have made it. This is the most respected etiquette. These vulgar customs and tea ceremony for weddings are still used as custom.

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