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The medical value of tea

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-20 19:00:43
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Tea medicine and tea therapy:


Tea has very good medical effects, and the term "tea medicine" was used in the Tang Dynasty


Tea has at least the following effects:


(1) Sleep less; (2) soothe the nerves; (3) improve eyesight; (4) clear mind; (5) quench thirst and produce fluid; (6) clear away heat; (7) relieve heat; (8) detoxify; (9) eliminate food; (10) anti-hangover; (11) lose weight; (12) lower the breath; (13) diuresis; (14) laxative; (15) treat dysentery; (16) remove phlegm;(17) dispelling wind and relieving forms; (18) strengthening teeth; (19) treating heartache; (20) treating sores and fistulas; (21) treating hunger; (22) replenishing vitality; (23) prolonging life; (24) sterilization beriberi.

Other effects of tea: treatment of rotten mouth, acne


Anti-cancer: Tea brewed in a pot is more conducive to health. Compared with simply brewing tea in a cup filled with boiling water, the method of brewing tea water can release more anti-cancer chemicals.


Disease prevention: Black tea has strong antibacterial power. Gargle with black tea can prevent colds caused by filtering viruses, prevent tooth decay and food poisoning, and reduce blood sugar and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that black tea is not inferior to green tea and is more beneficial to the heart.

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