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Traditional Chinese tea brewing method

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  • Time of issue:2022-01-20 19:09:02
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1. Baihe bathing (washing the cup): wash the tea set with boiling water;


2. Avalokitesvara entering the palace (dropping tea): Put Tieguanyin into the tea set, and the amount of tea placed accounts for about half of the capacity of the tea set;


3. Hanging pot high-chong (brewing tea): pour boiled water into the teapot or lid to make the tea rotate;


4. Spring breeze (scraping foam): Use the lid to gently scrape off the floating white foam to make it fresh and clean;


5. Guan Gong Touring City (pouring tea liquid ): Pour the tea liquid that has been brewed for one or two minutes into the juxtaposed tea cups in turn;


6. Han Xin ordering soldiers (ordering tea): When there is only a little tea liquid left in the teapot, drip it evenly into each teacup;


7. Appreciate the color of the soup (watch the tea): observe the color of the tea in the cup;


8. Tasting Ganlin (drinking tea): Take the heat and sip, smell the fragrance first, then taste the aroma, sip and sniff, pour lightly. Although the amount of drink is little, it can leave the fragrance on the cheeks and teeth, but the bottom is sweet and refreshing.


In the process of making tea, keep your body in a good posture, with your head straight and shoulders flat, your eyes and movements should be harmonious and natural, and your shoulders should be lowered, elbows, and wrists raised during the process of making tea. Do not lift up your elbows if you move your hands by ups and downs

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