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Tea storage

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Tea has a shelf life, but it is related to the variety of tea. Different tea has a different shelf life. As long as it is stored properly, not only will it not deteriorate, but it can even improve the quality of tea.


Preservation skills


  • If conditions permit, the tea leaves in the iron cans can be used to extract the air in the cans with an air extractor, and then welded and sealed, so that the tea can be stored for two to three years. If the conditions are not enough, it can be stored in a thermos bottle, because the water bottle is isolated from the outside air, the tea leaves are packed in the bladder, sealed with white wax, and covered with tape. It is simple and easy to use and easy to keep at home.
  •  Ordinary bottles, cans, etc., for storing tea, use a clay pot with a double-layer inside and outside lid or a large mouth and abdomen to reduce air contact in the container. The lid of the container should be tightly integrated with the container body to prevent moisture from entering.
  • The packaging materials of tea must be free of strange smell, and the tea container and use method must be as tightly sealed as possible, have good moisture-proof performance, reduce contact with air, and be stored in a dry, clean, and odor-free place
  • Store in a cold room or refrigerator. When storing, keep the tea leaves sealed before putting them in.
  •  Use quicklime or high-grade desiccant, such as silica gel to absorb the moisture in the tea, the preservation effect is better.
  • Using the principle of thin air in the tank and isolation of the tea leaves in the tank from the outside world after being sealed, the tea leaves are dried until the water content is about 2% and immediately put into the tank while it is hot, and then sealed, and can be stored for one or two years at room temperature.



Retail storage


At the retail site, tea leaves in small packages should be placed in dry, clean and sealed containers, and the containers should be stacked in a dry, odor-free place, and protected from sunlight. High-grade tea leaves should be stored in airtight tin cans, extract the oxygen and fill nitrogen , and kept in cold storage away from light. That is, the tea leaves are dried to 4%-5% in advance, put into airtight and opaque containers, extract the oxygen and fill nitrogen then tightly sealed, and stored in the tea cold storage at a dedicated place. Using this method to store the tea for 3 to 5 years can still maintain the color, aroma and taste of the tea without aging.


Moisture treatment


Treat the tea as soon as possible after it gets moisture. The method is to put the tea in an iron sieve or iron pan and bake it with a slow fire. The temperature is not too high. While baking, stir and shake it. After removing the moisture, spread it on the table or board and let it dry. Collect after cool.




Improper storage of tea will cause temperature to return to moisture, and even mold. At this time, the tea must not be used for re-drying by sunlight, the sun-dried tea will become bitter and ugly, and the high-end tea will also become inferior in quality.

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