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Tea growing environment

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-24 17:40:40
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The natural conditions for tea planting include landform, climate, soil type, etc. The terrain is dominated by hills and the drainage conditions are better. Plenty of precipitation, small annual temperature difference, large day and night temperature difference, long frost-free period, and good light conditions. Such climatic conditions are suitable for the growth of various types of tea trees, especially for the growth of large-leaf tea trees. From the end of winter to the beginning of summer, there are more sunshine, summer and autumn rain and foggy (Yunnan tea area), less sunshine is conducive to the overwintering and nutrient accumulation of tea trees, which is conducive to the quality of summer and autumn tea. Latosol, latosol red soil, mountain red soil or mountain yellow soil, brown forest soil, these soils have a relatively deep development degree and good structure, suitable for the growth of tea trees.

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