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Our EU Organic program follows guidelines set by the Organic Farmers and Growers Certification 
EU Organic guidelines prohibit:
• Use of pesticides / petroleum-based fertilizers / sewage-sludge-based fertilizers
• Mixing organic and non-organic tea and herb products
• Organic products from coming into contact with prohibited substances
Annual audits ensure all processes are in order and documentation is up-to-date.
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Our selected organic China teas combine the best quality raw materials and sustainable and environmentally friendly processing.

Organic Garden: Huping Mountain is origin from Hunan province, middle of China, with interesting  story and legend,also one of organic tea treasure 

Huping Mountain is located in the northwestern part of Shimen County, Hunan. It is the boundary mountain between Hunan and Hubei provinces. It is generally above 2000 meters above sea level. The main peak is as high as 2098.7 meters, making it the second highest peak in Hunan. The top of Huping Mountain is high on all sides and low in the middle, shaped like a Bottle Mouth, hence the name Huping Mountain-Bottle Mouth montain. Hupingshan tourist area is one of the two hundred key ecological areas in the world, a national nature reserve, and a provincial ecotourism demonstration area.

Huping Mountain, one of the "New Xiaoxiang Eight Scenic Spots", one of the top ten mountain landscapes in Hunan. Located at the northern end of Hupingshan Town, Shimen County, Changde, Hunan Province, it is the boundary mountain in the north of Hunan Antarctica, passing through the mysterious 30 degrees north latitude. Huping Mountain is the ancestor of the mountains in the counties of Shimen in Hunan, Wufeng, Songzi, Zhijiang and Yidu in Hubei.

The Hupingshan mountains are towering mountains and the odd peaks are tall and straight. According to legend, the poet Li Bailiu of the Tang Dynasty let it go and wrote the ancient sayings of "Hupingfei waterfall, peach blossoms at the entrance of the cave"; Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty expressed his poems, "The good scenery of the pots is not enough, the next life Fortunately to revisit again".

The Hupingshan tourism development area is about 1,200 square kilometers, of which the nature reserve covers an area of 665.8 square kilometers, with rare trees and grasses everywhere. There are 831 species of woody plants, including 28 species under national key protection, 1019 species of medicinal plants, and more than 350 species of wild animals. Biological experts praised it as "a green treasure house with a wealth of gold inside."


Legend story about Huping Montain: 

The Pingshan Mountain is hidden in the deep mountains of Laoxiongling by the Mengdong River in Nuqing County, western Hunan. It is the treasure site chosen by the emperors of the past dynasties to make alchemy. Surrounded by the mountains, it is a peculiar peak that looks like a treasure bottle with a narrow top and a wide bottom

Since ancient times, Pingshan has been chosen as the treasure place for alchemy by the emperors of the past dynasties. Therefore, many palaces and buildings have been built here. After thousands of years of history, many treasures are also buried here, and the most famous is a large tomb from the Yuan Dynasty.

Pingshan Mountain is named after its shape like a treasure bottle, and Huping Mountain also has this characteristic. Miao and Tujia people live near Pingshan, and Hupingshan residents are also dominated by Tujia

Pingshan Mountain is hidden in the deep mountains of Laoxiongling. Laoxiongling is a lofty mountain with an altitude of thousands of feet. The terrain is extremely steep and it is a natural barrier. A peculiar mountain in the Laoxiongling Mountains of Pingshan, the shape resembles an aquarium with a narrow top and a wide bottom. 

Pingshan is a place of cannibalism and death. There are often fierce beasts, and there is no shortage of pythons. Since it was once a holy place for alchemy, it has accumulated a lot of poisonous gas. Although the yuan tomb is very attractive, the tomb thieves who entered Pingshan never survived

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